Why the name?

Daryl was a man of great intelligence with an inquisitive nature and lots of bad or funny jokes, depending on your sense of humor. Daryl worked for the Department of Information Systems for almost 38 years. He loved every day working with computers, web design, graphics, video production and his DIS Family. Daryl was a man of integrity with a true servant’s heart. He loved to remain behind the scenes, supporting whoever was out front.

Daryl began playing drums in 6th grade at Harrison Jr. High in North Arkansas. He, like many others of his generation, was inspired by the Beatles. Their new brand of rock-and-roll led him into a 45 year journey in music. Although, he loved to listen and play all kinds of music, by the early 1990’s he began playing for a local church where he found his true heart of worship. Daryl and his wife Teri were privileged to be part of worship through music every week for almost 12 years. It was their passion. Part of their legacy is to give children the joy of music. 

Daryl was the fittest guy we knew. He was an avid cyclist and a very healthy eater, but on Jan 9th of 2012 he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. After two weeks in ICU, 7 days on a neurology floor, and 4 weeks in rehab, Daryl came home. He was making progress and recovering well but suffered a second stroke on 3-16-12. There was "no known medical or lifestyle reason" for the original stroke. We were blessed with 9 1/2 extra weeks and too many friends and supporters to count. As we talked one night, I began to tell Daryl about ALL the friends and churches that had given us encouragement, hands and feet help, love and prayers. He turned his head sideways and closed his lips tightly to hold back tears; finally he was able to say, "I did not know that many people loved me." What a gift it was to him; to us, THANK YOU. 

DMM wants to pay that love and support forward. Daryl’s Music Makers is in memory of Daryl and in honor of God. We exist to make His name more famous.

DMM Board Members

  • HONORARY MEMBER - Governor Mike Huckabee Governor of Arkansas 1996-2007 TV/Radio host &  Author
  • PRESIDENT - Wade Radke COO/Director of Engineering Galley Support Innovations
  • SECRETARY - Natalie Cope
  • TREASURER - Joe Harrod
  • BOARD - Teri Cox
  • BOARD - Darian Stribling
  • BOARD - Jonathan Hill
  • Dixie Hardin, Executive Director DMM