international work



With the grant money received, SCS will implement a piano lab to train their students, who will in turn train the students at their 5 partner schools. These 5 partner school serve an impoverished demographic in Santiago and  beyond. DMM has committed to partner with SCS over the next 2 years, with a $7500 monetary commitment each year. 

A note from Santiago Christian School  " There already exists a continuous and beautiful flow of students, teachers and professional collaboration between the SCS campus and the campuses of our partner schools. The influence both ways is already VERY REAL. It is not a hope; it is a reality. The deficit of music education in this nation (D.R.) is significant. This is why we (SCS) will jum-start by educating SCS students first in the appreciative and technical aspects of music. What flows into SCS always flows into our partners; the relationships and cross-overs are that strong. Once SCS student know how to use the lab, it will be an organic and natural next step to spread the knowledge and love to the partners - just like everything else we (SCS) do. In other words, a piano lab for SCS in, in fact, a piano lab for our partner schools serving the very poor in Santiago."


DMM supports a newly-founded music program in Grande Vide, Haiti, in partnership with Community of Hope Haiti. COHH focuses on clean water solutions, farming, fishing, education and faith building. They approached DMM with the desire to add music classes in to their education programming. 

DMM has purchased flutes, keyboards, guitars & music stands for this program, and is paying the salary for a qualified music teacher on the "island off the island".  This music program is equipping children to gain employment on the island through music (resorts, teaching, tutoring, etc), promoting self-worth & self-confidence and Empowering Kids with Hope & A Future through Music and Music Education.


Centro De Desarrollo Integral Misioneras Ana Y Carmen. Santiago, Dominican Republic:  

Here are some staggering statistics for the children we serve in the Dominican Republic. 80% of children from the Barrios will end up in either prostitution or drug related "careers" by the age of twelve. Also, 80% of female children will be abused in some way before the age of twelve. DMM is providing a safe haven for these children so that we can break the statistic. Join us in our mission! Internationally, DMM began work in the Dominican Republic August of 2013. Daryl's Music Makers has partnered with Centro de Desarrollo Integral Misioneras held at First Baptist Church of Santiago. 

We support a three hour tutoring program for 80 students and five staff members. These students are not allowed to attend public school until noon each day, due to learning deficits and behavior issues. Centro provides 45 minutes of homework help, 45 minutes of character education, 45 minutes of learning to speak the English language and 45 minutes of music lessons, along with lunch for students each day before they are allowed into school. If DMM were not able to support Centro, these children would run the streets of Santiago until noon each day while their parents worked to support them. DMM provides a safe haven for children, and offers a substantial investment into their education & lives.